Better Together: Document Management + Business Process Automation

Throughout 2016 many articles touted the cost savings and improved efficiency within organizations that implemented Document Management Software (DMS) or Business Process Automation (BPA) tools. However, the consideration of how the two reinforce and complement each other has not yet been discussed by the larger audience. The fact is, many companies have not implemented either solution despite all the rhetoric around gaining business insights by digitizing more or all their data.

There may be some confusion about why you would want both types of applications, because surely BPA software already manages the associated documents. On this point, the assumption is terribly incorrect. BPA applications must be able to access data repositories to complete their functions whether that is to automate accounts payable or send documents to the appropriate personnel for approval. Getting that data into the repository is the function of Document Management software.

Typically, Document Management tools are a combination of capturing the data contained in printed or digital documents and making those documents accessible to defined personnel. Documents can then be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. The best applications can also parse documents and create reports that can be automatically delivered to defined recipients.

Together these tools will eliminate busy work, allowing employees to focus instead on your clients. And isn’t this what we want? Together these tools reduce errors, improve efficiency across your organization, even improving the customer experience by putting the data your employees need at their very fingertips anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Making your organization greener, in all the best ways, by embracing Document Management and Business Process Automation tools.



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NCR: NCR Synergy 2015

NCR: NCR Synergy 2015

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