Analytics - Business Intelligence

Automated Data Analysis, Simplified

The Automated Path to Powerful Business Decision Information

Smart businesses depend on data-driven business intelligence to make the decisions that will tip the scales of their success. Now imagine confidently making those crucial judgment calls faster, easier, and while keeping pace with near real-time data. To unlock this kind of analytical potential, businesses turn to Analytics Dashboards.

Advanced analytics reporting integrates seamlessly with your S4i  document management modules, as well as any of your business’s processes, to automatically give you the decisive business intelligence (BI) you need, when you need it. It completely eliminates the labor overhead of data collection and sorting, the most time-costly steps in data-driven decision making, dashboards also accelerate the process several steps further. By monitoring real-time events and providing rapid data visualization at your fingertips, Analytics removes the complexity of interpreting raw data, making it readily consumable at all times. With no coding and exceptionally low latency, Analytics ensures this enhanced information value blends into the background as if it were always there.

Key Altosoft Dashboard Features

  • Advanced insights and enterprise-class data
  • Integrates real-time events and processes
  • Scales to any size business
  • A revolutionarily simpler approach to BI
  • Point-in-time KPI reporting
  • Built-in ETL (extract, transform, load) capabilities

Key Altosoft Dashboard Benefits

  • Analyze data faster and more easily
  • Visualize and simplify complex data in seconds
  • Optimize processes automatically
  • No coding or scripting required
  • Supremely low latency
  • Improve business decision making

Discover All Critical Data

The first step to business intelligence is finding all the right data. Altosoft dashboards uncover the data trails often overlooked or lost by other systems.

ETL Comes Standard

Benefit from built-in ETL capabilities, including an interactive platform to process data.

Harvest and Correlate

Not only will it find the data, it will correlate each bit of information to the unique process that created it, giving decision makers the complete story behind the numbers.

Data Purity

Altosoft stores all of your metadata and metrics in a single place, ensuring the purity of data and improved access.

100% No Coding

Designed without the need for a single line of code or script – ever. Analytics automatically integrates, transforms, and loads data from any source in your organization.

At the Speed of ‘Click’

Customized reports, dashboards, alerts, data delivery, and much more, all with simple, drag-and-drop, point-and-click functionality. that can be used on—or sent to/from—any device, including smart phones.