Desktop Capture

Multi-tasking was never easier

Now there is an easy and cost-effective way to capture and enter paper-based or on-line records into any content-management or business system. Accounts payable and receivable documents, bills-of lading, insurance and any other work-related forms or digitized files are automatically validated, indexed and archived for later retrieval.

Desktop Capture, S4i System’s new Windows-based (XP and newer) productivity tool, will drive a scanner to capture hardcopy as well as enable browser-based retrieval of files from your PC or network. Desktop Capture’s uses the client system’s own key values to convert these diverse data to files formatted and encoded according to the target document-management or business system.

Desktop Capture provides a low-volume solution to any industry’s day-to-day data processing bottlenecks that are caused by mounting piles of forms awaiting entry into on-line back- or front-office business systems. This innovative new solution enables more timely data availability for analysis and distribution and increases day-to-day office productivity by as much as 40 percent. Figures for office morale may climb even higher.