Advanced Electronic Business Forms

Meet the needs of today's customers with smarter forms.

Transactional Document Enhancement, Customization & Automation

Transform transactional information into professional looking business documents, while streamlining post-print document processes to reduce costs and automate processes. Every customer-touching document that a business creates represents an opportunity to both save money and generate add-on revenue. Realize the true potential of your documents both as money-savers and as vehicles to gather business intelligence.

Electronic Business Forms are usable on any platform, with no change to your host or business applications. Its features and capabilities are many, starting with full compatibility with variable content documents of any type. Leverage the power of the customer data already collected in your system’s existing documents by intelligently interpreting content, even to the extent of defining business rules based on the content it finds. Easily change and enhance existing documents with sleek, laser printer ready styles that can include bar codes, OMR, electronic signatures and other graphic elements. These forms easily integrate with your S4i workflow and content management systems and is capable of high-volume document print job and document processing automation, greatly decreasing your operational costs.

Key Features

  • Useable on any platform with no changes needed
  • Compatible with any document type
  • Barcoding, check printing, PDF output and more
  • Complete document customization and personalization

Key Benefits

  • Increase business data collection
  • Automate customer communications
  • Streamline document workflows
  • Reduce document management costs

Eliminate Form Costs

Removes the need for pre-printed forms and associated costs, as well as time spent loading forms.

Increase Professionalism

Upgrades your business forms to a sleek look you can customize to your company’s branding, giving documents a more professional and personalized feel.

Optimized Document Distribution

Documents can be printed on any printer, sent via email, faxed, and indexed for archiving and retrieval using your S4i electronic document management system.

Send Anywhere

Forms can be retrieved and routed to any printer, email inbox or fax machine.

Automate Print Processes

Automate many of the processes associated with printing statements, invoices, purchase orders and other business correspondence by eliminating manual bursting, separating and distributing.

Build Loyalty, Grow Sales

Leverage the power of an enterprise-level document look and feel that turns customer heads while automatically collecting data that fuels sales and business intelligence.

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