The Mobile Business Forms Software Solution

Modernize Your Mobile Form Management

If your business is on the move, then it needs an agile, mobile, lightweight, and affordable electronic forms management software solution to keep it running smoothly. Allow us to introduce you to GoFormz, a complete mobile forms software solution that is designed specifically to make documents mobile on smart phones and tablets.

GoFormz is compatible with any computing platform, without the need to alter your existing software, host, or forms.  With GoFormz, you will be able to immediately begin capturing data electronically into electronic forms that look exactly like your current paper forms. From there, GoFormz uses its smart templates to calculate form data automatically – data your business can view in real time to make its most critical decisions. Other functionality includes prefilling form data sources, capturing GPS and other geographical information, reporting, and PDF output. In addition to eliminating the need for pre-printed forms, GoFormz will bring your business efficiency to a new level of performance as data can be shared from forms to let teams simultaneously collaborate on projects, view reports, analyze data, and increase productivity.

Key GoFormz Features

  • Translates your current forms to identical electronic mobile forms
  • Smart fields auto-calculate, fill, and execute workflow rules
  • Stores all data online on an easy-to-manage database
  • Export form and data from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Integrate mobile forms into existing workflow with API functionality
  • Easy-to-use reports and data analysis tools

Key GoFormz Benefits

  • Go paperless and mobile with one software package
  • Never deal with unreadable scrawl again
  • Capture complete and accurate data like never before
  • Manage all data online from anywhere
  • Empower teams to closely collaborate
  • Automate data-driven workflows for increased productivity

Plug and Play

Ready to make your printed business forms both electronic and mobile? Just upload your current forms to GoFormz for it to instantly create identical electronic versions ready for any mobile device.

Electronic Integration

GoFormz stores all of your completed PDFs in a single could-based database which can be integrated with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and other third-party applications.

Increase Efficiency

Completely eliminate the time-consuming tasks of rekeying information, hand delivering documents, and scanning docs.

Reports for Business Operation

Create customized reports for the key business data you need the most. Analyze and optimize real time productivity with automatically created and delivered analysis.

Better Collaboration

With GoFormz, every team member is in the loop – at all times. Team members can access and collaborate on documents and projects simultaneously from anywhere.

Integrates into Workflow

GoFormz easily integrates into your company’s existing workflows and process automation with a powerful API interface.