Fresh Faces of S4i Systems

S4i Systems Developers

Technology is quick to change and that makes the industry very attractive to youthful workers. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an uptick in companies claiming that there are knowledge gaps that younger employees simply can’t fill. It is our belief that with good coaching and mentorship those young IT workers can and do fill in the gaps. They have the will, all we must do is provide the training with an eye on the future needs of our customers.

At S4i, we enjoy helping our younger colleagues grow within their specialties and encourage them to reach beyond those. We’ve added to our development team to expand upon our existing document management software offerings and continue to offer customization for our expanding client base. They are in tune with the latest innovations because they are growing up with them. This makes their youth a great asset with proper guidance.

There is no longer a choice about hiring younger workers, there just aren’t enough seasoned professionals left to go around. They are retiring and leaving more job openings every day that we must fill to continue to meet our clients’ needs. Fledgling IT professionals will step into the roles and it is incumbent on us to ensure that they are given the tools, with proper support already in place, to meet our clients’ expectations.

Out to Lunch

Yes, S4i Systems is adjusting to the demands of a younger workforce, but we are also able to bring them into the old school feel of a work family. We encourage our team to go out to lunch and enjoy afternoon walks together. Good food and light exercise outside of the office improves the flow of ideas and strengthens our relationships. The activity improves morale by providing all of our employees with a greater sense of work/life balance and that is good for the company too.

Cultivating a healthy work environment for all our employees is a balancing act. We have to inspire our older employees to reach out and help build up our newest additions. We must also counsel our younger employees to reach out to the veterans to develop those relationships and facilitate an exchange of knowledge. This is the only way to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and fill in the knowledge gaps wherever they may be.